It’s a data game

Not a numbers game...

And not just any data. Big data, collected by our clients that we mine for information, and use in our machine learning models.

This is right in our wheelhouse. That’s because Datascore was founded in 2018 by a team of data scientists and engineers; analysts; designers; programmers; developers; and digital marketers, all working together for a common goal — to solve complex connectivity problems for our clients utilizing Machine Learning.

Meet the Team

Learn more about those behind the scenes.

Ryan Anderson
Chief Technical Officer

An avid developer, Ryan Anderson leverages over a decade of user interface design and backend programming experience while designing web and mobile programs. He is an expert at HTML, CSS, TypeScript, AWS, GitLab CI, and beyond, bringing several key skillsets to the Datascore team. His global expertise, objective-based workflow, strategic outlook, and innovative nature routinely culminate in forward-leaning apps and platforms throughout a myriad of industries.

Through his work at Datascore, Ryan transforms ideas and initiatives into tangible finished products. By combining our background in data science and marketing with his ability to direct the flow of data into useful information, we accelerate client results and streamline ROI. As a lifelong learner, Ryan is always up-to-date with the latest coding languages and developments. Additionally, he consistently refines his skillsets by teaching and mentoring up-and-coming tech ninjas. As our Datascore team continues to build on our Predictive Modeling and Lookalike Audience capabilities, Ryan’s is helping us unearth new possibilities through his unique perspective and ingenuity.

Ahmed Ghenabzia, Ph.D.
Chief Data Scientist / ML Ops

Ahmed is a data scientist with over five years of experience executing data-driven solutions for complex business problems. Ahmed has a Ph.D. in Big Data analytics focusing on Deep Learning, Machine Learning, and Neural Network AI. He is licensed and certified in his field, receiving a top education at Ecole Nationale Superieure d’Informatique (ESI), a Master’s degree from El-Oued University, and finally, his Ph.D. from Kasdi Merbah University - Oargla. He is trilingual, speaking fluently in Arabic, English, and French. Ahmed is the Grand Prize winner of the Covid-19 OMAC Hackathon 2020. He excels at collecting, analyzing, and interpreting large datasets and developing new forecasting models.

Ahmed’s experience is extensive, serving as a software developer designing and building software applications. In addition, he has worked as a data analyst, working with teams of data researchers to solve problems and developed algorithms for analytics using a wide range of software programs. As a result, he is very well versed in data science and Deep learning, managing and training others in the art of data processing, collecting, interpreting, and modeling projects from inception to delivery. He has even been honored to be a senior lecturer at his alma mater, teaching and helping postgraduates research.

Ahmed is our Chief Data Scientist at Datascore, supervising a team of other data scientists and data engineers. He and his team build and test Supervised Learning Prediction models, create AI pipelines, and problem-solve to bring AI models to market.

Lijo Lawrance
Senior Data Engineer

Lijo is a Data Engineer proficient in analytics, database design, visualization/insight generation and data modelling. He is hands-on in Big Data solutions and is abreast of data-focused programming/scripting languages, modern data engineering approaches and best practices. He manages, manipulates, stores and parses data through ETL for several target sources - building and maintaining data systems and pipelines. He is a cloud certified professional.

Anil Kumar
Data Engineer

Anil is a data engineer with expertise in building ETL pipelines, designing data warehouses for analytics and data modeling. He has proven track record of providing trans formative solutions using various bigdata technologies. He brings tremendous experience in working with various data sources and transforming the data though ETL pipelines, prepare data for various analytics purposes. He developed blueprint for data virtualization and data governance.

Esequiel Albornoz
Software Engineer

Esequiel Albornoz is a software engineer with expansive experience in building solid products and overcoming any obstacles whether they be technology or business related. Esequiel is currently receiving his higher education at the Universidad Nacional De Cordoba majoring in computer engineering and science. He comes with a wide background in software development and design. Esequiel has worked for many companies in Argentina such as Resuma, Oxea Capital, and Invera as a Fullstack Developer. He has also worked most recently as a software engineer for Optic Power.

Esequiel’s areas of expertise are in many applications. He has knowledge in Workflow managing tools (Jira, Trello, Pivotal), Golang, Javascript, Typescript and Python. He then adds experience in SPA, PWA, SSR web applications with React and Vue. Esequiel also has intelligence in Docker and Docker Compose, Digitalocean, Amazon EC2, GoDaddy, Nginx, and Traefik. And lets not leave out his work with FastAPI, Airflow, Prefect, C++, Version control with git, and web scraping.

Esequiel is passionate about software, he always keeps up to date with the past and latest technologies, and he enjoys mentoring others just entering into the software development world. He is always ready to work hard, to continue learning, and seek new, challenging projects.

Amara Miloudi, Ph.D.
Data Scientist

Amara is a motivated data scientist with 2 years of experience as a data scientist. Passionate about building models that fix problems. Relevant skills include machine learning, deep learning, problem solving, programming, and creative thinking. He is licensed and certified in his field, receiving a top education at El-Oued University, a Master's degree of Artificial Intelligence from El-Oued University, and finally, he is a Phd student of Artificial Intelligence at El-Oued University.

In addition, he is a Full Stack .NET developer with hands-on experience in all levels of software development design, analysis, development, and deployment with 3+ years of experience. Still, always open to learning new stuff. Familiar with Scrum/Agile environment. Implement improvements in the design of existing software architecture. Stay current with technology trends and developments in the industry and participate in service development.

John LeBlanc
VP of Sales Operations

John is a dedicated father, husband, and servant style leader who is passionate about helping others achieve their full potential. As a coach and self-motivated individual, he is known for his excellent communication skills and positive attitude, which inspire and motivate those around him.

As an integrator and team-oriented leader, John is able to bring diverse perspectives together and achieve results through collaboration and cooperation. He is a performance-driven and resourceful individual with a strong ability to solve problems and create value.

In addition to his professional skills, John is also known for his personal traits of caution and reflection, which enable him to be factual, optimistic, and stable in his decision-making. He is a patient and diplomatic leader with a balanced, open-minded approach, and he is consistently accurate and systematic in his work. Overall, John is a well-respected and reliable individual who is deeply committed to serving others and achieving excellence in all that he does.

Brent Biggs
Chief Executive Officer

Brent Biggs is an avid startup executive. With more than 18 years of hands-on product development and digital marketing experience, he understands the challenges facing modern startups, small businesses, SMEs, and enterprises firsthand.

Through Datascore, which he founded in 2018, Brent strives to empower organizations with greater direction and quantifiable marketing results. He specializes in accelerating new ventures and overhauling distressed companies, seeking out new and innovative ways to build value at every turn.

Brent particularly enjoys the challenges associated with revitalizing struggling organizations. In a recent undertaking, he successfully led an underperforming startup to achieve more than $18M in annual profit by using a strategic blend of operational restructuring, sales optimization, partner negotiations, market positioning, and digital marketing.

His unique skillset comes from leveraging a competitive edge gained through years of experience as a Marine, enabling him to build stronger development teams, lead better sales and marketing campaigns, and transform ideas into market-ready products and services.

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