Engagement Dialing

You’re in trouble. We’re here to help.

It has never been more urgent or important to ensure that you are complying with all Federal and state regulations when calling prospects.

No More Spam Flags

Even though you’re calling with TCPA (Telephone Consumer Protection Act) consent, your dialing patterns can cause your calls to be flagged as spam. We can alleviate this issue.

  • Avoid fines and other penalties
  • No more guessing algorithms
  • Trusted and secure platform
Quality and Quantity

Engagement Dialing solution lets you connect and talk with more people — using your own unreachable leads! And not just more people, but better-qualified people.

  • Target those that have shown interest in what you have to offer
  • Timely and personal engagements
  • Uses historical data (if present)
No Historical Data Needed

You don’t have historical data? Not an issue. Our Engagement Model™ uses machine learning to build a lookalike approximation consisting of the characteristics, behaviors, and preferences of your ideal customer.

  • Retrainable Model based on your dialing results
  • Live-growth AI system

We greatly improve the odds of connecting to a human and transferring to your call center.

Need proof? Check out our solar customer case study here.

Datascore Engagement
Dialing Process Overview

Are you the type who wants to understand our entire process from outreach to retention? Then this overview is for you...

Provide your fresh or unreachable client data to Datascore.

We sanitize and enrich your data.

The sanitized and enriched data is uploaded into our Machine Learning Models.

The Models predict the best day and time for dialing. We then process the highest scores through our Enagement Model.

The Enagement Model schedules the lead at the best day and time to call.    

When that day and time arrives, we send the record to scrubbing and/or Do Not Call registries for real-time TCPA litigator and pre-litigator scrubbing.

Records that pass verification are dialed.

When the call is connected, our Human Detection AI determines if it is a human.

If a human is on the line, Datascore transfers the call either your call center our our agent.ai.   

And watch your connection and conversion rates go through the roof!

Take a listen at a couple of examples below:

Engagement Dialing TM

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Learn how you can use Datascore to increase your caller engagement as well as convert dead leads to live customers - satisfaction guaranteed.