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The old days when companies tried to fool search engines for high rankings

Remember the old days when companies tried to fool Google and other search engines into granting them high rankings by loading up their website content with key words and phrases? It worked for a while, until Google caught on and blacklisted the offenders.

It’s like that in the telesales industry, too

More and more companies are using a method called Direct Inward Dialing (DID) rotation, buying cleaned and pre-conditioned outbound numbers in an effort to trick the big mobile phone carriers into designating them as legit.

But this kind of hack isn’t a solution at all. It is simply a costly band-aid that does nothing to cure the real reason for low connection rates. In fact, it does more harm than good.

As DID rotation becomes more prevalent, and algorithms and machine learning continue to evolve, DIDs are getting burned out and red-flagged at ever faster rates. This means that companies are forced to buy more DIDs at higher costs to try to reach their sales goals. The result is an endless cycle that can only lead to the bottom.

Connect and talk with more people using your own unreachable leads!

Fortunately, Datascore’s team of scientists, engineers, analysts, designers, programmers, developers, and digital marketers has been working together to solve complex connectivity problems for our clients using Machine Learning.

Introducing Datascore’s proprietary ENGAGEMENT DIALING solution — giving you the ability to connect and talk with more people using your own unreachable leads! And not just more people, but better-qualified people. People who have shown an interest in what you have to offer, at the best day and time to reach them, based on your own data, and in complete compliance with all state and Federal laws.

Increase your actual connect rates from the current depressed levels of 5-8% on average

What if we could increase your actual connect rates from the current depressed levels of 5-8% on average, to more than 30% using your own non-performing data? What if we could do it without blowing up your prospects’ phones?

What if your traffic was not tagged or blocked by global telecommunication carriers and analytic companies? What if this solution was TCPA-compliant from start to finish?

You’d be impressed, right?

What if we could prove it to you at absolutely no cost and no risk?

Here’s how it works:

You turn over your non-performing leads to us for a two-day proof of performance test.

We then convert them into qualified inbound calls.

It’s not a good deal unless it works for everyone; that’s why the burden of proof is on us.

  • No setup fees.
  • No integration required.
  • No hidden fees, one flat rate. 
  • Pay Per Connect!

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